AnySpec is designed to mirror the way coal is bought and sold today. By replicating and automating the standard negotiation processes parties navigate daily, AnySpec improves market transparency for non-standard coal specifications, achieves superior price outcomes for both parties in a transaction, and saves users time and money.

AnySpec exists because of the un-paralleled coal marketing, trading, quality, and logistics expertise provided by the team at Coal Port Services and the revolutionary web-based trading software of Predira Ltd.

Coal Port Services is a logistics management and export documentation service provider to the Australian coal industry. Coal Port Services is one of the largest logistics service providers in Australia

Predira Ltd provides online commodity trading platforms as a service, and currently provides a precious metals derivatives trading platform for 24 major international banks.

With support from the team at AnySpec, any type of coal, whether coking or thermal, required for purchase or offered for sale, can be matched with a counterparty who will see the highest possible value in the transaction.


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