AnySpec allows any registered participant (currently over 30 companies) to post buy or sell interest for any type of coal (Thermal and Coking), from any Australian coal terminal, whether it is 1,000 mt on a terminal stockpile today, individual train units, part or full cargos, or to running a tender process.

The concept for AnySpec varies from other brokerages and trading platforms in a key way. While other brokerages and trading platforms require all terms to be pre-set before trading, AnySpec is a free form trade matching and negotiation system. You enter (advertise) bespoke quality and trade details, along with price and tonnages at the price entry stage of the board.

Once you transact on a price, you do not automatically execute a trade. You simply move to a second “Negotiation Window” with the other party, which is auto-populated by the quality details advertised at price entry.

AnySpec negotiation window

In this Negotiation Window you can see who the other counterparty is, and you or they can adjust / propose details of the transaction (Specification, Contract Terms, Validity, Payment requirements, Delivery Terminals, Laycans, etc).

Varies from other brokerages and
trading platforms in a key way.

Any details agreed in the negotiation window will all appear in a final "Deal Confirmation" email at the end of the process, summarizing all the unique deal terms of each transaction. Deal confirmations are also 100% confidential to the two parties involved.

AnySpec also allows simultaneous negotiations with multiple counterparties all within platform, making it an ideal tool for procurement or coal sale tenders.

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All AnySpec users are pre-approved. Contact us now to join