AnySpec utilizes a revolutionary commodity trading platform, developed by Predira Ltd, which has been specifically tailored for the physical coal market.

Predira Ltd’s custom matching and trading technology was initially developed for the inter-bank precious metals derivative market, and now services 24 major international banks. Predira Ltd subsidiary, Limpid Markets is registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission and has been an ordinary member of The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) since 2015.

By building on the success of Limpid Market’s precious metals platform, AnySpec includes all the technology features of a bank grade trading platform, along with all the detail, flexibility, and negotiation processes required for the buying and selling of physical coal.

Below are some of the additional key features the AnySpec trading platform provides:-

  • Confidential Negotiation Process

    Confidential Negotiation Process

    A 100% confidential private negotiation function that includes user-friendly features for negotiating bespoke physical commodity transactions.

  • Chat


    AnySpec offers chat features within the negotiation windows to allow for easier communication between parties.

  • Request for Quote (RFQ)

    Request for Quote (RFQ)

    Our RFQ feature allows traders to request any quote via a simple click. All users will then receive an alert via email, sound or pop-up depending on their settings.

  • Manage Preferences

    Manage Preferences

    Set emails and sound alerts for trades and RFQs. Show and hide desired product ranges.

  • OCO


    OCO orders (One Cancel the Others) can be made available as well. A small initial will appear next to the price on the platform indicating which OCO group each order belongs to.

  • Group and Auto Removal of Orders

    Group and Auto Removal of Orders

    Users can remove all orders at the click of a button, or set up specific times each day when all their orders remaining on the screen will be removed automatically.

About Predira Ltd
Predira Ltd is a Fintech company, founded in 2013 by Cedric Bernadac an ex derivative trader with 15 years of trading experience. It services 24 major banks through its own online platform for precious metals derivatives. Predira Ltd provides any individual or financial organisation with custom made matching and trading technology. Limpid Markets is registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission and is an ordinary member of the LBMA since 2015. Limpid Markets relies on comprehensive automated processes to increase efficiency and transparency, at the lowest cost.

Predira Ltd


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